Designed to Last,

a Lifetime and Beyond

An address steeped in rich heritage. It’s the surroundings that make Olloi what it is. An ideal home that serves as a heritage emblem, and a legacy to guard for generations to come.

Come Home To Olloi, Your Landed Home In The Air

You have many reasons to take pride in calling Olloi your home. To begin with, the Arrival Court provides a grand welcome and leaves a stunning impression on your loved ones and guests.

Be pleasantly surprised with the beauty that lies in the well-thought-out design and immaculate detail. All storey blocks, as well as penthouses, are specially offset from one another to simulate a landed home experience – albeit in the air.

The Glass House BBQ Pavilion | Children’s Pool

Pamper Yourself With Amenities In Abundance

Get ready to experience a comprehensive suite of condominium facilities spanning 80% coverage of the lush landscape located at the ground floor.

Enjoy a tan at the sun lounge while the kids have a splash-tacular time at the children’s
splash pool. After a day’s end, soak you worries away in the jacuzzi or take a relaxing dip in the pool lounge. The sheltered Garden of Serenity also provides a respite to recharge and rejuvenate your body and mind. If you are in the mood for a serious workout, take a plunge into the 25m Infinity Pool or work out to a pleasing view in the Active Gym.

For occasions that call for a celebration, simply invite your loved ones and friends over for a barbecue party at The Glasshouse, a pavilion inspired by the modern greenhouse with generous seating.

Active Gym


  1. Drop Off Point
  2. 25m Infinity Pool
  3. Children’s Pool
  4. Jacuzzi
  5. Pool Lounge
  6. The Glass House BBQ Pavilion
  7. BBQ Pit
  8. Active Gym
  1. Sunrise Garden
  2. Garden of Serenity
  3. Pedestrian Side Gate
  4. Common Bathroom
  5. Bin Point
  6. Bulk Water Meter
  7. SP Meter
  8. Ventilation Shaft

More Light. More Air. More Space.

With high ceilings and the provision of plentiful windows, enjoy natural ventilation with fresh air in abundance and ample space for light to enter.

All living areas are designed with a luxurious space of 3m width, allowing room for ample family bonding. The enclosed well-equipped kitchen is fitted out with family-sized appliances from trusted brands to inspire the master chef in you.

Your Home, Your Choice

Be in absolute control of the countless possibilities to customise your own home space.

From having options to enlarge your living areas and/or choose colours you desire for selected finishes, to flexible modular systems that allow you to design and change the configuration of your own closet at your whim and fancy, this is truly your home sweet home.

Unit Types

3A / 3A’ / 3AG / 3Am / 3Am’ / 3AmG (3BR FLEXI) 947 sq ft
3B / 3B’ (3BR FLEXI + UTILITY) 947 sq ft
3C / 3C’ (3BR DK FLEXI + UTILITY) 1001 sq ft
3D / 3Dm (3BR FLEXI + UTILITY) 1023 sq ft
4A / 4A’ / 4AG (4BR + UTILITY) 1324 sq ft
4B / 4B’ / 4BG (4BR + UTILITY + YARD) 1356 sq ft
PH1 / PH1m / PH2 / PH3 / PH4 / PH5 (3BR FLEXI PH + UTILITY) 1184 - 1313 sq ft
PH6 / PH6m (4BR DK PH + UTILITY) 1593 sq ft